Letters Of Reference

Peter Honeywell

Executive Director, Council for the Arts in Ottawa


I am providing a letter of reference for Cheryl Mazak with respect to my experience with her over a number of years, beginning in 2002. During the time that Cheryl lived in Ottawa she was an active member of the arts community providing support and volunteer time for numerous projects and arts groups. As a member of the Council for the Arts in Ottawa, a charitable not-for-profit organization, she contributed far beyond the payment of annual dues.


Cheryl assisted with fundraising activities through event planning, preparation, and on-site participation. She contributed a number of her paintings on canvas from a successful series that explored the world of classical music and the power of words. These actions helped us to raise funds to support our programs and services.


She also shared her talents as a photographer with many organizations who required event documentation. Her positive attitude and outgoing nature were a welcome addition at openings and special occasions.


Cheryl provided countless hours behind the scenes in preparation for festivals such as the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival. From the tedious tasks of collating information and stuffing envelopes to welcoming patrons at a gala event, Cheryl seemed to be everywhere. She was hard-working, honest and dependable.


I know that Cheryl will make a worthwhile contribution to whatever community she calls home. Although she is missed in Ottawa, I know that another city will benefit from her talents and energy.




Peter Honeywell, Executive Director

Council for the Arts in Ottawa




Paul Couvrette

Master of Photographic Arts -Dated in Ottawa, Canada August 29, 2010

I have known Cheryl for approximately five years, having first seen her artwork and her name in the local media. As an artist, businessman and media savvy entrepreneur I was impressed with her work and her business skills.

Shortly after, I photographed Cheryl for her portfolio and acquired one of her works which hangs in my home in Ottawa with the works of Karsh, Weston and Ashevac which I have collected. I have seen her work in a few local homes and businesses as she has built quite a solid reputation in this city.

Cheryl and I worked together to create a show of local artists in Ottawa`s most prestigious men’s clothier Harry Rosen and her organizational skills were evident in a great turnout for the opening.

On a personal level, Cheryl is bright and very positive about life. We in Ottawa have lost another one it seems to the siren song of the West Coast.

Cheryl is a multi talented artist and just as impressive to me…a grounded one at that.


Julian Armour

Artistic and Executive Director, Music and Beyond

Artistic Director, Chamber Players of Canada

Chamber Music Programmer, Galaxie

Principal Cellist, Thirteen Strings

President, Friends of the Concert Hall

Board of Directors and Past President, Ottawa Festivals

I have known Cheryl for over seven years and have only the highest praise for her tremendous abilities in all that she does and for her remarkable work ethic. I have always regarded her leaving Ottawa as a strong loss to the Ottawa community. I can only speak highly of her great involvement in the community both as a volunteer and as a donor to many important causes.

When I was Executive Director of the Ottawa Chamber Music Society, Cheryl was an active volunteer and supporter for us as well as several other worthy organizations. For us, she assembled artists and curated exhibitions  for several of our fundraisers, working with key members of the community, the private sector and government institutions including the prestigious National Gallery of Canada.

She co-chaired a major fundraising initiative, our “Online Auction for the Arts” which raised money for the new concert hall project in Ottawa and 12 other arts organization. The other co-chair was no less than Ottawa’s mayor, Bob Chiarelli.

She did a superb job and always represented us well. The Online Auction for the Arts was easily one of the most successful and well-organized arts fundraising events to take place in Ottawa in the last decade. She has always approached her volunteerism with tremendous energy and thorough commitment to see projects through to completion. She is a leader.

Cheryl is a superb visual artist and photographer. In fact, I met her because I had hugely admired some of her works that were on display for sale. She has always been generous and regularly donated her works to causes she believes in. Several of her works are prized additions to my art collection. One is among the first works people see when the enter my home.

I have complete confidence that Cheryl Mazak will be an asset to anything she is involved with in the future and to any community in which she chooses to live.


Theresa Wilson

Administrator, Chamber Music Society – Music And Beyond

As Manager of the Ottawa Chamber Music Society’s two (2) most critical annual fund-raising efforts from 2003 to 2009, the online auction and annual wine auction I can attest that the Ottawa Chamber Music Society (OCMS) was extremely grateful and humbled by Cheryl Mazak’s contributions and support throughout her involvement in Ottawa. She has an amazing and generous spirit, and was a passionate propeller and an advocate for our cause.

Cheryl Mazak spent many hours creating beautiful works of art that she generously donated to our fundraising efforts. She personally contributed over 30 pieces of art to our fundraising efforts over the years helping us raise thousands of dollars.

In 2004 she organized an art show and fund-raiser to accompany our annual Wine Auction at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Using her connections in the art world Cheryl gathered art donations from the Ottawa community and managed all aspects of this successful event.

In August 2005 Cheryl along with the OCMS Executive and Artistic Director Julian Armour initiated the Online Auction for the Arts, a six (6) Month project to collect art and other donations to benefit not just the Ottawa Chamber Music Society but over 12 other Art Organizations in Ottawa. Cheryl Mazak was co-chair of this event along with then Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli. The Online Auction for the Arts raised over $100,000.00.

Cheryl continues to support the arts in Ottawa, as current Fundraising Manager of Ottawa’s newest Music Festival, Music and Beyond, founded in 2010 by Julian Armour. I am currently working with Cheryl to secure art donations for our first Online Auction to begin on November 1, 2010 for more information on this event visit www.musicandbeyond.ca .


Theresa Wilson


David Thies-Thompson

Conductor and Violinist

I first saw Cheryl Mazak’s artwork displayed in an excellent luthier’s studio (Guy Harrison) that I frequent. As a professional violinist interested in both the violin making process and researching a violin to buy, this is not unusual.

At the time(2002-03), Cheryl was assisting him and apprenticing in his studio. This particular piece always caught my eye and surprised me with it’s changeable character, as if it knew how I felt and responded to my state. She asked me if I would play for a vernissage in a local Ottawa gallery to which I happily agreed. As a gift she generously gave me a new piece she had created with ribs of a violin over which are placed, in raised letters, the name of the great luthier “Antonio Stadivari” and, at the bottom, the dates of his birth and death. It is finished in a deep orangey red-brown finish that is quite reminiscent of great violins, but also unique to Cheryl’s creation.

It has been mounted on my wall, but can also stand freely on my piano in my studio where dozens of students have passed through during formative years and been intriqued by it, as I continue to be.

To any prospective buyer of Cheryl’s work, I know that it will evolve with you and I wish you much enjoyment.


David Thies-Thompson


Violinist/Violist, National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada, Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Amanda Forsyth

Principal Cellist, NAC Orchestra

My husband and I are proud owners of Cheryl Mazak’s art. We first purchased a large cello piece which we hang above our piano where many rehearsals take place for upcoming concerts. We also have several smaller pieces which are music related, and then I commissioned the artist to do a special piece for a birthday present. Her sense of originality and beauty with the musical elements mixed in is just perfect for our lifestyle. We never tire of admiring these paintings, with the depth of colour, texture and warmth. The raised letters with the message, THIS BEAUTIFUL VOICE or PLAY ME or ADAGIO are all very inspiring to musicians such as us, and many famous visiting musicians who are equally impressed by this unique art. Thank you for gracing our lives with such originality!


Pinchas Zukerman

Violinist – Conductor, NAC Orchestra

I was introduced to Cheryl Mazak’s art through my wife who began collecting her work. I’ve owned a lot of art in my time but this is the most meaningful and will only increase in value as the years go on. The color and the theme and the unique mixed media makes it truly unique. There is no question that Cheryl has forged a style that is her own and that I love to have hanging on my walls. I purchased a piece called, “Adagio” at one of Cheryl’s exhibitions in addition to several other works that we purchased prior.


Daniel Lavoie

Visual Artist

Some 5 years ago was the first account I can recall of having the great pleasure to meet Cheryl Mazak. I am intrigued with her vivacious nature and enthusiasm. I am amazed by her ability to truly connect with people. Many have recognised her as being a philanthropist of the arts. I see Cheryl as a good friend and extremely talented artist that is a great communicator through visual art.

The bas-relief, which is used in Cheryl’s work, a series named “rusty canvas”, is used to express the connections made between object and emotion. I love the simplicity of the objects that Cheryl chooses for this series of work. The success that Cheryl has accomplished with her visual texture, by means of using a nature occurring substance such as rust, not only adds to the composition of her work, but it states a very curious message. Rust is the result of something that is being neglected and is in the process of decay.

To me, this orange-brown pigment, in association with something like the violin that represents a great period of musical exploration, is a poignant reflexion on the current popularity of classical music. This is a statement of our times and successfully draws the viewer closer to examine the beautiful composition of her works and challenges the viewer to really think about what is being expressed. Not only is Cheryl’s inspiration being used to create her artwork but it is also used to support the arts community in all respects.

Cheryl’s involvement as: Managing Director (curator) for the art pavilion at Westfest arts festival, as professional photographer for the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival and donations of her artworks to fundraisers such as Watercan (raising money for countries in need of water and research assistance). I, as well as many within the arts community, recognise and applaud Cheryl for her indelible actions. These are contributions from a woman who possesses phenomenal energy and great compassion.

Daniel Lavoie

Visual Artist