About Me

“Cheryl Mazak has extraordinary range. From an intimate portrait of a woman with her guitar, to the sight of a flower growing through a fence, to the revelatory self-portrait, she brings sensitivity and grace to all of her work. And as one of her testimonials says, she is “always growing in the most wondrous ways.”

-John Curley – Deputy Managing Editor, San Francisco Chronicle


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Many have recognised Mazak as a philanthropist of the arts. From showing her own work to curating art exhibitions to using her connections to gather art donations from the Ottawa community she has an amazing and generous spirit, and has been a passionate propeller and an advocate for the arts. She has spent many hours creating beautiful works of art that she has donated to fundraising efforts.

She worked for several years as curator for the art pavilion at Westfest Arts festival, as professional photographer for the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival and donations of her artworks to fundraisers such as Watercan (raising money for countries in need of water and research assistance). Mazak, along with the OCMS Executive and Artistic Director Julian Armour initiated the Online Auction for the Arts, a six month project to collect art and other donations to benefit the Ottawa Chamber Music Society plus 12 other Arts Organizations in Ottawa. Cheryl Mazak was co-chair of this event along with then Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli. The Online Auction for the Arts raised over $100,000.00.

Mazak’s photography has been published in Wiley Publishers International Educational Book, “Digital Portrait Photography And Lighting.”


Cheryl Mazak was named one of the top 50 people in the Nation’s Capital in 2005 by Ottawa Life Magazine as a mixed media artist and continues to be an advocate and support the arts in Ottawa.